Cable Base

Reference Cable Base

• For mechanical and capacitive isolation of cables
• For cable diameters from 10 to 25 mm
• Hi-tech gel pad in the base
• Natural rubber strips for cable routing
• Open or fixed cable routing


Cable Base


High-end and hi-fi systems are a combination of high-precision and intricately made devices. Perfectly attuned to each other, they allow music to be played back in outstanding quality. To ensure that all components can function flawlessly, they need to be kept free of interference to the greatest extent possible, just like high precision measuring equipment does. The same also applies for the connection cables. Interference is caused in a number of different ways. Along with typical electromagnetic interference, which can, for example, be minimised by using good shielding, mechanical vibrations and shocks also have an impact on the playback quality. The Reference Cable Bases have been developed specifically for cables. Their base also contains a special gel, along with natural rubber strips, in which the cables can float freely. Along with absorbing the vibrations, the Reference Cable Bases also keep the cables at a distance to the floor. This reduces unwanted capacitances and reduces the effects on the electronics.

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Mechanical and capacitive isolation of the loudspeaker cables from the floor.
Mechanical and capacitive isolation of the RCA and XLR cables from the surfaces on which they are placed.
Mechanical and capacitive isolation of phono cables from the surfaces on which they are placed.
A particularly interesting way of using the Reference Cable Basis is also for isolating phono cables, as otherwise they would unavoidably transfer vibrations to the pick-up arm and therefore to the sensitive pick-up system.
Diameter: 47mm Total height: 48mm Height levels: 25 / 33 / 44mm