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Reference 1

Three-way stand mount

KEF REFERENCE 1’s innovative technology means that you don’t need a big cabinet to enjoy expansive, premium quality sound.

Reference 2C

Compact three-way centre channel

KEF REFERENCE 2c delivers an intense listening and viewing experience. For clarity, detail and emotional depth it’s a revelation.

Reference 3

Mid-sized three-way floorstander

KEF REFERENCE 3’s three-dimensional soundstage transports you to the emotional core of the original performance.

Reference 4C

Three-way centre channel

KEF’s REFERENCE 4c combines breath-taking accuracy with spatial precision, if you want the cinematic experience look no further.

Reference 5

Flagship three-way floorstander

REFERENCE 5 reveals subtleties you’d never noticed while gripping your emotions with the full power of the performance.

Reference 8B

Twin 9 inches driver ‘force-cancelling’ subwoofer

To experience the full impact of dramatic on-screen effects, bass definition and control are critical with this much power.