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EVO3 Ascension

EVO3 Ascension takes IsoTek’s power cable designs and technical innovations to a new level. This unique design consists of deep cryogenically treated silver plated Ohno continuous cast copper conductors, wrapped in a dielectric of air, with partial FEP contact, before a further extruded FEP sleeve seals the construction. Each of these individual conductor assemblies are wrapped in Mylar with a further OFC shield before being given a slight rotational twist with FEP tubes of air. Ascension drops the noise floor to an inky black level, opens the soundstage with holographic images, air and space and unparalleled micro dynamics. Astonishing.

EVO3 Elite

EVO3 Elite is a true high-end power cable that uses unique 7-core geometry, high purity copper, and high purity FEP to offer astonishing performance. It is the ideal upgrade for source components, CD players, music servers, DAC’s or preamplifiers. Elite can be used with small to medium power amplifiers to great effect but for very large power amplifiers EVO3 Optimum proves the better choice.

EVO3 Initium Per Meter

3 Core Square Conductor Cable (10mm) -2.0sqmm conductors / Dielectric Constance 2.25 /Mylar foil wrap& earthed 16Amp / Pure 6N oxygen free copper.

EVO3 Optimum

At the Optimum’s core are three silver plated Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) copper conductors, with each conductor strand being of a square configuration for tighter bunching. The OCC offers a vastly superior level of purity with outstanding electrical conductivity, improved flexibility, resistance to fatigue and corrosion.

EVO3 Optimum (Neutrik)

Power cable 2m / Link Cable – NEUTRIK to C15&C19 / Rated 25A / Silver plated OCC copper Square strands/Mylar foil wrap & OFC shield / Connectors solid OFC with 24ct gold plated conducters.

EVO3 Premier

EVO3 Premier was inspired by discussions with high-end electronics companies, many of whom produce audio equipment that retails for tens of thousands of pounds and yet is bundled with poor quality power cords that significantly constrain performance.

EVO3 Sequel

EVO3 Sequel power cable offers increased performance over IsoTek’s multi-award winning Premier, featuring optimised conductor strand geometry and active shielding.

Sequel comes in a standard length of 2 metres.

EVO3 Sequel (Neutrik)

Power cable 2m, Link Cable – NEUTRIK to C15&C19, Rated 16A, 23 Silver plated OFC strands, Mylar foil wrap& earthed, OFC shield offer max RFI rejection

EVO3 Sequel Per Meter

3 Core Square Conductor Cable (10mm) -Rated 16A / 23 Silver plated 6N OFC strands/Mylar foil wrap& earthed OFC shield offer max RFI rejection / Dielectric Constance 2.1.

EVO3 Syncro (Special Edition)

Syncro also incorporates unique DC-cancelling electronics that rebalance the mains sine wave to dramatically reduce/silence transformer hum. This sophisticated double shielded power cable also features ultra high purity silver plated OCC Copper conductors and Teflon FEB dielectric.