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C15NC is a high-performance subwoofer that combines very high output with low weight. Featuring a built in flying system, the C15NC is particularly suited as fly sub for the LS1 line source. Designed for medium to high SPL applications, the plywood cabinet features a very rugged and non-reflective polyurethane coating, recessed dual Speakon NL4 connections, a solid 2mm steel grille and optional rubber feet.


Our compact C3 will fill small to medium sized rooms with great, clean and detailed sound. Weather it is used for stereo or surround sound applications, the C3 will punch well above its size. With an ultra long-throw 4″ woofer and a 1″ tweeter with silk dome, C3 offers excellent sound while taking up a minimum of space. It has ultra wide dispersion and offers full coverage with only a few speakers installed, making it pleasing both to eyes and ears.


Our compact C4 model is capable of delivering a large, warm soundstage and fill the room with sound. The advanced passive woofer extends the bass response to below 60 Hz and with the tweeter being cooled by magnetic oil, the two drivers delivers a powerful and clean music reproduction.


The C5 is our most versatile speaker. It will fill medium to large rooms with excellent sound and bring real excitement to music and movies. It is capable of handling all types of music a offers great speech intelligibility so that vocals are clearly heard.


C5TRM is a loud, strong and energetic speaker with an up-beat personality. Designed for medium output commercial applications or high output home cinema applications, the C5TRM offers an out-of-the-box experience with impressive bass performance from the compact cabinet.


Our C6 model excels in high quality surround sound applications where it will present you with a large, three dimensional sound stage with fantastic detail and depth of perspective. It creates great ambience in your home or lounge and will fill even large rooms with pleasing sound.


The C6TRM is designed for professional sound reinforcement in commercial installations and high performance home cinema. C6TRM has unique live-like dynamics and reproduces real life dynamics without any sweat. Coverage is highly uniform and speech intelligibility is 2nd to none!


C8S is a compact and shallow on-wall subwoofer. The woofers face the wall and the sound is reflected out to the surroundings, allowing the subwoofer to blend discretely into any modern environment and offering full protection of the woofers. The C8S features a powerful 8” woofer with dual voice coil and a passive radiator to extend the subbass performance to below 34 Hz.