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AW339 All-Weather Transducer

The AW339 All-Weather Transducer is the weather-resistant version of the TST329 Gold. Specifically designed to withstand rain and humidity, the AW339 can handle many adverse conditions that would damage ordinary speakers or transducers. The AW329 can turn a deck, hot tub, or boat hull into a full- frequency speaker, and produce full-fidelity sound in a variety of climates and environments.

TST209 Entry-Level Transducer

The Clark Synthesis TST209 tactile transducer provides depth and realism to movie effects and music in the physical way only a bass shaker can deliver.

TST239 Silver Transducer

The TST239 Silver Transducer is an excellent choice for most entry-level audio applications. This product is widely used in the game chair market, providing solid performance at an affordable price. The TST239 Silver can be used in some home theater applications.

TST329 Gold Transducer

The TST329 Gold Transducer has a proven record of superb performance, sound fidelity and efficiency. Available only from Clark Synthesis, the TST329 is one of our ProSound products and provides superb, reliable performance. The Gold Professional Transducer is a great choice in many audio/video applications such home theater furniture and commercial/military vehicle simulators.

TST429 Platinum Transducer

The TST429 Platinum Professional Transducer is the most powerful audio transducer on the market today. Available only from Clark Synthesis, the TST429 provides the ultimate performance and output of full-fidelity, full-frequency sound with a frequency response from 5hz to 17kHz. This premium transducer is designed to meet the demands of audio applications such as high-end home theater furniture, theater risers and platforms, floors (including dance floors), simulators, gaming systems, and ProSound equipment.