The Essence of Scandinavian Sound
Primare embodies the spirit of Scandinavian design – simplicity, functionality, and a deep respect for the sensory experience. With a heritage rooted in Swedish audio engineering excellence, Primare’s products are more than just electronics; they are the heart of a pure, unblemished auditory experience.

Sky Audio is delighted to offer Primare’s distinguished line-up to South Africa, inviting audiophiles to embrace the brand’s philosophy of ‘Lagom’, the Swedish word for ‘just the right amount’. This philosophy resonates in each Primare piece, balancing performance and design to deliver just the right amount of everything you need for the perfect listening experience.

Primare’s range, including their amplifiers, streamers, and CD players, is crafted to convey the emotion and detail of every performance. The brand’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures that your home audio system not only sounds exquisite but also operates with the utmost reliability and ease.

Our Primare Range:

15 Series

Pre Amp



CD Playback


Phono Stage

25 Series


35 Series

CD Playback

Phono stage

Home Cinema
Power Amplification
Network Player
Modules & Remote Controls



Remote Control