Synthesising Acoustics and Aesthetics
Presa stands at the intersection of acoustic performance and sophisticated design. As a leading provider of Fabric Stretch Systems in India, Presa is renowned for its excellence in acoustic wall panelling and fabric panelling. Their offerings include a range of systems like PRESA SL, PRESA ECO, PRESA VG, and PRESA LD, each tailored to enhance audio experiences while integrating seamlessly into any space.

At Sky Audio, we are excited to introduce Presa’s innovative solutions to the South African market. Their commitment to quality and aesthetic elegance makes them a perfect addition to our catalogue. Presa products are not just about soundproofing or acoustic treatment; they are about creating environments where sound and design coalesce to form perfect harmony.

Explore our Presa Collection to transform your spaces into acoustic masterpieces.

Our Presa Collection: