Excellence in Cabling and Audio Engineering
In-akustik is a revered German brand that has been synonymous with precision in cabling and audio engineering for over four decades. Their relentless pursuit of purity in sound transmission has positioned them at the apex of audio fidelity, where every note and tone is conveyed with exceptional clarity and detail.

Sky Audio takes pride in presenting In-akustik’s superior range of cables, electronics, and accessories to the South African market. Renowned for their meticulous construction and the use of high-quality materials, In-akustik products ensure that your audio setup is free from interference and signal degradation.

Whether you’re looking to wire a new system or upgrade your existing setup, In-akustik offers a comprehensive selection of cables and components designed to unleash the full potential of your audio equipment. Experience sound as it was meant to be heard: clean, crisp, and utterly immersive.

Our In-akustik Offerings:

Subwoofer Cable
XLR Cable
  • Premium
  • Excellenz
  • Reference 204 XLR Micro air
  • Reference NF 803 XLR
RCA Cables
Bluetooth Accessories
Cat 7 Network cable
Speaker cable


  • 0.75mm speaker cable
  • 1.5mm speaker cable
  • 2.5mm speaker cable