Cornered Audio

The Shape of Sound Perfected
Cornered Audio defies traditional speaker design, blending high-quality sound with innovative form. From the unique triangular silhouette to the uncomplicated installation, their speakers are engineered to fit the corners of your space, both aesthetically and acoustically.

Sky Audio is proud to present the distinct Cornered Audio range to South Africa, offering a sleek, space-saving solution without compromising on sound quality. Crafted in Denmark, Cornered Audio speakers deliver a clean, powerful audio performance that belies their discreet profile.

Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, these speakers are designed to provide exceptional sound while maintaining a low visual profile. Whether you’re setting up a home cinema that impresses with both visuals and audio or creating an ambient sound environment in a boutique cafe, Cornered Audio’s versatility and style make it an outstanding choice.

Our Cornered Audio Selection:

Ci Series
LS1 Series