Crafting the Soul of Music
AVID HIFI doesn’t just make audio equipment; they craft components that breathe life into every performance. As purveyors of exceptional audio reproduction, AVID HIFI is a company driven by a relentless pursuit of perfection, delivering a sonic purity that resonates with the passion of live music.

Sky Audio is honored to bring AVID HIFI’s world-class turntables and audio components to South African shores. AVID’s offerings are an audiophile’s dream, meticulously engineered to unearth the deepest emotions from the grooves of vinyl records. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, AVID HIFI ensures that each musical note is presented with unparalleled precision and depth.

From their acclaimed turntables to their high-performance amplifiers and accessories, every AVID HIFI product is a masterpiece that stands as a testament to their motto: “Nothing but music.” Their attention to detail and commitment to superior craftsmanship redefine the listening experience, making it as intimate and profound as a live show.

Our AVID HIFI Selection: