The Foundation of Audio Perfection
Atacama Audio is celebrated for creating award-winning speaker stands, hifi racks, and AV supports, meticulously designed to both enhance and integrate seamlessly into any audio system. British craftsmanship is at the heart of every product, with each piece being a testament to the pursuit of the perfect listening environment.

Sky Audio is proud to offer Atacama’s exceptional range in South Africa, providing the critical foundation for true audio fidelity. Known for their acoustic steel construction, Atacama stands and supports are engineered to dampen vibrations and reduce resonance, allowing your speakers and equipment to perform at their absolute best.

Whether you’re setting up a dedicated listening room or integrating high-fidelity audio into your living space, Atacama offers a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution to elevate your system. The meticulous design and build quality ensure that your audio components not only sound superb but are also displayed with the elegance they deserve.

Our Atacama collection: